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New features

New features 2024-05-16 09-00

New at Printegy: Invoice upload for non-EU orders

New features

Dear Printegy friends,

We are pleased to inform you that we have introduced a new feature to optimize the processing of orders outside the EU.

From now on, you have the option to independently upload invoices for orders in non-EU countries. This can be conveniently done through your order overview in the Printegy app. Incoming orders from non-EU countries will initially appear with the status "Paused" and will proceed to production after the invoices have been uploaded.

In the order overview, you can also see how many orders still require action. This includes the following orders: paused orders with missing invoices or personalized products, and those with incorrect addresses.

With this new feature, the processing of orders in non-EU countries will be significantly accelerated. You can now upload invoices immediately after receiving the order, making the entire process more efficient.

We hope this innovation helps you process your orders even faster and provide your customers with even better service.

If you have any questions, we are always here to help!

Best regards,

Your Printegy Team.

New features 2024-04-30 10-00

Product personalization now available at Printegy!

New features

Dear Printegy Friends,

We're excited to announce that an exciting feature is now available at Printegy: product personalization! With the new personalization feature, you have the ability to customize your designs according to individual customer preferences - with personal names or custom messages - and thereby increase sales.

Simply add a sample design to the product to be personalized. Incoming orders for this product will be directly transferred to the order overview in the Printegy app and remain in "Paused" status until the individual design is added to the order. With just one click, upload the individual designs and seamlessly forward them to our production. No more tedious, separate creations of new products, no manual orders - everything happens directly and efficiently.

How does product personalization work at Printegy?

1. Create a new product or edit an existing one. Under the "Product Design" section, activate the personalization option by clicking "Yes". Then, publish the product on Shopify. Good news: existing products don't need to be re-published. Edit them and save the changes to activate the personalization feature for old products as well.

2. After receiving the order with personalization, it will appear in your account under "Orders" with the status "Paused". This means that the order has been transferred, but it will not automatically proceed to production until manually confirmed.

3. Add the personalized design according to the customer's preferences into the corresponding field and confirm by clicking the green button "Activate now".

Now, the order continues into production and will be processed by Printegy just like any other incoming orders!

This new feature not only provides you with significant time savings but also offers a convenient way to offer your customers customized products. We look forward to helping you create personalized products and smoothly process your orders. Discover the possibility of personalization at Printegy today!

Best regards,

Your Printegy Team.

New features 2024-03-12 09-00

New at Printegy: Alternative designs for different color variants

New features

Dear Printegy friends,

Here at Printegy, we always listen attentively to the concerns and wishes of our customers. Therefore, we are delighted to announce an exciting new feature: from now on, it's possible to upload alternative designs for different color variants of a product!

What does the feature offer?

This innovation opens up a multitude of possibilities, especially for designs that are in the same color as the product itself. Let's say, for example, you've designed a striking white design and want to sell it on T-shirts in various colors. The issue? White on white doesn't print optimally.

Previously, you might have had to upload a new product with an alternative design in black to work around this problem. But that's no longer the case. Thanks to our new feature, you can simply upload an alternative design for different color options of the same product and save them as different product variants.

Where can I find the new feature?

The alternative design feature can be found directly in the product editor under "Settings & Variants" for each product. Select the colors for which you want to insert an alternative design for the front and optionally the back, and upload the file.

How does the product appear in Shopify?

How does it all look in Shopify? Quite simple: the product is exported as one product with different color variants. In the menu view, the alternative design of the product is displayed when your customers hover over it with the cursor. This not only makes your shop look more professional but also provides extremely user-friendly navigation.

To achieve this hover effect in the menu view of the products, you should go to "Edit product" in Shopify and place the alternative image second in the media. Now, when your customers hover over the product, they will see the alternative design. Just note that this feature is only supported in certain Shopify themes.

Overall, thanks to the new feature, your customers can effortlessly choose between the available designs, each perfectly matched to the respective color variants of the product. We are confident that this new feature will expand your range selection and increase your sales numbers. Try it out now and discover the possibilities for yourself!

Check out our video tutorial on creating alternative designs:

Best regards

Your Printegy-Team.

New features 2024-02-22 12-46

Printegy x Shopify: optimize your processes with customizable order fulfillment

New features

Dear Printegy Friends,

We are thrilled to announce that, with a foundation in Shopify settings, we have introduced a new feature that grants you greater control over the processing of your incoming orders.

From now on, you can customize the format of order fulfillment according to your preferences and decide whether you want your orders to be automatically taken over and processed by us upon receipt, or if you prefer to manually approve them and send them for fulfillment to Printegy. This flexibility allows you to tailor the process to your individual needs and optimize the efficiency of your operations.

You can find the settings for this feature in your Shopify store under "Settings" > "Checkout" > "Order Processing". There, you can easily select the desired option and configure your order fulfillment accordingly.

If you still wish for orders to be processed automatically by us, please check your settings in Shopify to ensure that the correct option is now activated.

We hope that this new feature helps simplify your workflows and manage your orders even more effectively. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime via email at

Best regards

Your Printegy Team.

New features 2024-02-19 08-00

New feature: Product migration for existing products

New features

Dear Printegy Friends,

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking enhancement at Printegy! We now offer an innovative feature that allows you to seamlessly migrate from other PoD providers to Printegy while retaining your existing products in your Shopify store.

With our new product migration feature, based on the use of SKUs, switching to Printegy Fulfillment has never been easier. You don't have to start from scratch and re-list your products in the shop. Instead, you can easily connect your products with Printegy and have them produced by us.

This integration is particularly exciting for product pages that already have a solid ranking in search engines like Google. You don't have to publish a completely new product on Shopify. By simply linking, you can leverage the full potential of your existing range while benefiting from Printegy's high-quality production options.

Check out our video tutorial on using the product migration feature to optimize your production and enhance the quality of your products. Try it out today and discover how easy it is to get started with Printegy Fulfillment!

Best regards,

Your Printegy Team.

New features 2024-02-01 11-00

Copying products made easy - new feature in the product editor!

New features

Dear Printegy Friends,

At Printegy, we are continuously striving to create convenient services and an intuitive interface for you. We value your time and want to ensure that you don't waste it on lengthy routine tasks. That's why we've been searching for a template solution that is both easy to use and brings you maximum benefit. We are excited to introduce our latest feature: the Copy Button in the Product Editor!

You'll find the new button located to the right of the "Edit Pen." With a simple click, you can now copy products. What does this mean for you? If you want to create a similar product with the same color and size combinations, price settings, descriptions, mockups, and more, but with a different design, you can now do so in no time. Of course, you can still adjust all settings for the copied product as needed.

Copying a product has never been easier. No more tedious manual settings, no repeated steps - just one click, and you can upload your new design and adjust your products quickly and efficiently.

At Printegy, we understand the importance of saving time and focusing on what matters most. With this new feature, we aim to support you in making your product management as smooth as possible.

Try it out now and experience the ease of product management at Printegy!

Best regards,

Your Printegy Team.

New features 2024-01-23 09-00

New branding features at Printegy: more individuality for your shop!

New features

Dear Printegy friends,

We have exciting news that will not only give your shop a unique appearance but also boost sales and bring numerous benefits: we proudly present our new branding options!

With our 2-in-1 branding options, you can customize not only your products but also the packaging in a unique way! Look forward to a variety of options, including hangtags with your logo and shop information, neck labels, outside print labels, delivery notes with logo and personalized message, environmentally friendly bio-packaging, and branded shipping packaging.

Thoughtful branding opens many more doors than isolated branding elements. The interplay of our branding options gives your brand a distinct competitive advantage, firmly anchors itself in the customer's memory, creates recognition, and increases customer loyalty!

Ready to take your shop to the next level? Learn more details about all our branding options here and create a unique presence for your PoD business together with Printegy!

With creative regards,

Your Printegy Team

New features 2023-12-05 09-00

New mockups for an authentic shopping experience!

New features

Dear Printegy Friends,

We are excited to announce a thrilling update at Printegy! In addition to our main mockups, we have recently introduced new mockups that showcase your products in a natural environment, creating an even more authentic shopping experience for your customers and thereby boosting your sales.

What's new about the mockups?

The fresh mockups present products in authentic settings, allowing your customers to make their selections in an innovative way. They depict various scenarios: on hangers, on the floor, and even on individuals. This enhances the presentation of your online outfits!

For which products are the new mockups already available?

The new mockups are already available for basic women's and men's t-shirts and can be integrated into your shops. Gradually, new mockups will also be added for additional products.

Where can you find the new mockups?

The new mockups are located in the product editor under the "Mockups" section. You can select them during product design and publish them together with the new product. Please note: if you want to incorporate the new mockups into an existing product from your shop, the product needs to be republished.




Future Improvements:

Our goal is to continuously enhance the user experience for both you and your customers. In the future, we anticipate not only revamped mockups for all products but also significant improvements to our editor interface and option selection.

Thank you for being part of our community! Many of our ideas come directly from you, so we welcome your suggestions and feedback. Feel free to reach out to us anytime at

Best regards

Your Printegy Team.

New features 2023-11-21 09-00

Big news: Introducing DTF Printing Technology!

New features

Dear Printegy Friends and DTF Printing Enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to announce that Printegy has now introduced the popular DTF printing technology in the PoD (Print on Demand) space! This exciting development opens up a world of creative possibilities for all DTF enthusiasts!

More choices, more possibilities!

Firstly, get ready for an expanded selection, as we have diversified our range thanks to this innovative technology. Unlike DTG, DTF allows printing on a broader range of materials, meaning your designs can now come to life on even more surfaces.

Choose the printing technology that suits you!

In comparison to other PoD providers, at Printegy, we give you the freedom to choose the appropriate technology for specific products. For most textile products, you can decide which method best suits your designs and preferences. With us, you have control over your creations!

What's the difference from DTG?

If you're wondering how DTF technology differs from the familiar DTG method, take a look at our Help Center article on the topic.

We can't wait to bring your ideas to life. To witness the benefits of both methods and form your own opinion, you can now order both DTF and DTG and make comparisons. Visit us and explore the world of DTF printing at Printegy!

Best regards,

Your Printegy Team.

New features 2023-10-11 09-32

New Features in the "Orders" Section

New features

We are pleased to inform you that our new order overview page is now available for you! On this page, you can find the current order status as well as the tracking link once the order has been handed over to our shipping service provider. Additionally, you can cancel the order if needed, and verify or adjust the recipient's address in case a mistake was made during entry, either by you or your customer. An overview of the ordered items is also available on this page.

The new order overview page can be accessed in the "Orders" section through the "Details" button.