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New products

New products 2023-12-08 09-00

New winter products with sales potential: seize current selling opportunities!

New products

Dear Printegy Friends,

We want to make sure that your sales don't freeze up as temperatures drop this winter! That's why we proudly present our latest winter products with high sales potential.

Explore our wide range of winter items to find the perfect additions to your collection, including thermal bottles, thermos mugs, cups, cozy hoodies, and long-sleeved shirts. These winter essentials will not only keep your customers warm but also heat up your sales.

It's time to winterize your online store! Incorporate our new products and take advantage of the rising sales.

With warm regards

Your Printegy Team

New products 2023-08-22 02-33

New with us: Oversize T-Shirt with a Wide Range of Colors!

New products

Dear Printegy Community,

Our Oversized Shirts are now available for you. Starting immediately, you can make use of the Oversize T-Shirts, boost sales, and satisfy thousands of customers with the highest quality!

The Premium Shirt is characterized by a weight of 240 g/m², which not only signifies high quality but also comfortable wear and a modern cut that could turn it into a potential favorite in your customers' wardrobes!