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Announcements 2023-12-12 09-00

Important information: shipping times during the Pre-Christmas season


Dear Printegy Friends,

Please note that due to increased postal activity during the pre-Christmas season, processing and shipping times may be longer. To ensure that the products ordered in your shops are under the Christmas tree on time, your customers should place their orders no later than December 18th.

Orders placed by December 18th allow us to print the products and deliver them on time, up to and including December 23rd. All orders after this date are at your own risk and may not arrive in time for Christmas. We ask you to communicate this to your customers so that no one has to experience double the Christmas stress.

Wishing you a successful pre-Christmas season with numerous sales!

For any inquiries, we are always available at

Best Christmas wishes

Your Printegy Team.

New products 2023-12-08 09-00

New winter products with sales potential: seize current selling opportunities!

New products

Dear Printegy Friends,

We want to make sure that your sales don't freeze up as temperatures drop this winter! That's why we proudly present our latest winter products with high sales potential.

Explore our wide range of winter items to find the perfect additions to your collection, including thermal bottles, thermos mugs, cups, cozy hoodies, and long-sleeved shirts. These winter essentials will not only keep your customers warm but also heat up your sales.

It's time to winterize your online store! Incorporate our new products and take advantage of the rising sales.

With warm regards

Your Printegy Team

New features 2023-12-05 09-00

New mockups for an authentic shopping experience!

New features

Dear Printegy Friends,

We are excited to announce a thrilling update at Printegy! In addition to our main mockups, we have recently introduced new mockups that showcase your products in a natural environment, creating an even more authentic shopping experience for your customers and thereby boosting your sales.

What's new about the mockups?

The fresh mockups present products in authentic settings, allowing your customers to make their selections in an innovative way. They depict various scenarios: on hangers, on the floor, and even on individuals. This enhances the presentation of your online outfits!

For which products are the new mockups already available?

The new mockups are already available for basic women's and men's t-shirts and can be integrated into your shops. Gradually, new mockups will also be added for additional products.

Where can you find the new mockups?

The new mockups are located in the product editor under the "Mockups" section. You can select them during product design and publish them together with the new product. Please note: if you want to incorporate the new mockups into an existing product from your shop, the product needs to be republished.




Future Improvements:

Our goal is to continuously enhance the user experience for both you and your customers. In the future, we anticipate not only revamped mockups for all products but also significant improvements to our editor interface and option selection.

Thank you for being part of our community! Many of our ideas come directly from you, so we welcome your suggestions and feedback. Feel free to reach out to us anytime at

Best regards

Your Printegy Team.

Announcements 2023-12-01 09-00

We're improving to help you sell more! Campaign to enhance mockup quality


Dear Printegy Friends,

It brings us great joy to hear that you are particularly pleased with our product and print quality. Many customers have noted that our products are even more beautiful in reality than they appear in the mockups. This feedback has motivated us to make the representation of our products even more authentic and appealing. We understand that mockups play a crucial role in your customers' purchasing decisions and, therefore, should showcase the products in the best light.

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a comprehensive campaign to enhance the quality of our mockups. Our goal is to create a realistic and appealing representation for all products to better engage your customers.

Please note that due to these improvements, there may be minor differences between previously created and new products. We will keep you informed as soon as we have updated all mockups!

We appreciate your trust and continuous feedback, and we can't wait to boost your sales!

Best regards

Your Printegy Team.

New features 2023-11-21 09-00

Big news: Introducing DTF Printing Technology!

New features

Dear Printegy Friends and DTF Printing Enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to announce that Printegy has now introduced the popular DTF printing technology in the PoD (Print on Demand) space! This exciting development opens up a world of creative possibilities for all DTF enthusiasts!

More choices, more possibilities!

Firstly, get ready for an expanded selection, as we have diversified our range thanks to this innovative technology. Unlike DTG, DTF allows printing on a broader range of materials, meaning your designs can now come to life on even more surfaces.

Choose the printing technology that suits you!

In comparison to other PoD providers, at Printegy, we give you the freedom to choose the appropriate technology for specific products. For most textile products, you can decide which method best suits your designs and preferences. With us, you have control over your creations!

What's the difference from DTG?

If you're wondering how DTF technology differs from the familiar DTG method, take a look at our Help Center article on the topic.

We can't wait to bring your ideas to life. To witness the benefits of both methods and form your own opinion, you can now order both DTF and DTG and make comparisons. Visit us and explore the world of DTF printing at Printegy!

Best regards,

Your Printegy Team.

New features 2023-10-11 09-32

New Features in the "Orders" Section

New features

We are pleased to inform you that our new order overview page is now available for you! On this page, you can find the current order status as well as the tracking link once the order has been handed over to our shipping service provider. Additionally, you can cancel the order if needed, and verify or adjust the recipient's address in case a mistake was made during entry, either by you or your customer. An overview of the ordered items is also available on this page.

The new order overview page can be accessed in the "Orders" section through the "Details" button.

New products 2023-08-22 02-33

New with us: Oversize T-Shirt with a Wide Range of Colors!

New products

Dear Printegy Community,

Our Oversized Shirts are now available for you. Starting immediately, you can make use of the Oversize T-Shirts, boost sales, and satisfy thousands of customers with the highest quality!

The Premium Shirt is characterized by a weight of 240 g/m², which not only signifies high quality but also comfortable wear and a modern cut that could turn it into a potential favorite in your customers' wardrobes!

Announcements 2023-08-01 02-32

Design Print Area Update


Hello dear Printegy friends!

We have carried out an extensive update to our merchandise.

For several products, the design print areas on the chest and back have been enlarged, optimally aligned, and shifted towards the collar. Additionally, we have finally introduced back printing for all our children's and premium products. The color selection for some products has also been expanded. Of course, your previously uploaded products on Shopify remain unaffected by these changes. However, if you notice any irregularities, please do not hesitate to contact us!

If you have further comments or suggestions for improvement, we would greatly appreciate an email from you; write to us at:

Keep selling diligently, and we'll take care of the rest!

Until then,

Your Printegy Team.


New features 2023-07-26 09-55

Return Management

New features

Dear Printegy user,
Today we have some exciting news to announce: our return service is now available to you!

Printegy's return management is a simple and efficient solution for handling returned items. We take care of receiving, inspecting, storing, and reshipping your returns. You can fully focus on your business!
Our pricing model is straightforward:
We charge €1 for receiving and storing an item + €1 for storage withdrawal when the same item is resold. No monthly subscription fee!

You can already activate the new service in your account under the "Returns" tab. Simply provide your customers with our return address. Please note that only items with labels and in perfect condition will be stored. You will be notified of the current status of processed returns through a separate email.